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Throwback Thursday: Here are some before-and-afters of our bathroom remodel (or more accurately, bathroom cosmetic re-do).  For some reason I keep forgetting to post these but here they are!


  • Updated lighting
  • Updated faucet
  • Updated all fixtures (drawer pulls, towel racks, toilet paper holders, etc.)
  • Painted walls soft grey color (originally off-white)
  • Painted vanity a crisp white (originally standard builder’s grade oak)
  • Cut, painted, and mounted molding to frame out the mirror
  • Lined dirty old vanity drawers with cork drawer liners
  • Purchased new white storage for linens, extra toothpaste, etc.
  • Bought new grey, yellow, and white linens and accessories

I LOVE how it turned out and am so happy with the results.  I also hung a painting over the toilet but pictures of toilets are pretty dang boring so I did not include that in this photo set. 

It was a great feeling of accomplishment to do this (fairly easy) makeover on the bathroom.  Downsides: many a trip to Home Depot and Benjamin Moore; feeling like boring old married people that spend their weekends doing DIY.  Oh well.  Worth it.

  1. pleasantries said: Looks amazing! Crisp white forever.
  2. mamabet said: Love it! Good job.
  3. littlemiss-melly said: now i want to go paint my bathroom cabinets! it looks amazing!
  4. oldstatues said: looks great!
  5. ramblings-of-em said: LOVE your shower curtain and rug! PLEASE share where you got them!
  6. kristensdaily said: Nice!!
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