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Last night some friends and I went to the Soiled Dove to hear a college friend, Rob Drabkin, play a show.  Rob is pretty well-known on the Denver music scene and as much as I like to support him as a fellow Trinity alumnus, I’m not the biggest fan of his actual music (or crowd).  It’s all a little too hippie, jam-band-y for me.  Rob’s talented and I like his songwriting, but I don’t know… the hippies dancing with hoolahoops at all of his shows kind of kills me. 

BUT, I did discover a guy named Kevin Mileski who opened for Rob that I REALLY enjoyed!  He splits his time between Chicago and Colorado, and I liked his guitar style a LOT.  I went up to him after his set to buy a CD and asked if he knew of my favorite Austin-based musician, Monte Montgomery, (which he did of course) and we ended up talking about guitar and music for a bit.  Super nice guy!  

  1. aaygeecee said: That’s interesting, I met Rob once through a mutual friend… Next time we see each other we’ll have to play the “do you know” game.
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